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Starting over

Okay so shuts hit the fan when I come home and I don't like it. It's frustrating. Always being wrong. Never doing anything write. Knowing to much. Or not enough. Acting out of place, out of turn. Wanting to die one second and live another. This depression is killing me. Part of me I think. I want to live but I'm scared too. I want to cry but I want to eventually stop. Switching schools should be good for me. But it's so scary and real and far and out of reach. I need to figure things out. I'm not sure I know how. But saying that right now I just thought of God. It seems I have forgotten myself once again. God please grant me peace and understanding.

Something about this picture shows how I feel when I turn the corner and see my house. What do you feel?


M.S.W- to start this daily routine again.

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