kayria_kara (kayria_kara) wrote,

Not again

I feel so gross. so fat. so disgusting. I think I might relapse again. I need to get things to be okay but I don't know how. I should stop eating so much. I'm gonna skip dinner to night...fuck! I feel like crying. I want to cut so bad, it hurts to even think about it. I keep messing up things my room is horribly messy that I can bearly see the ground. My house is facing a rat infestation and I think I'm going to be sick tonight. I think I'm going to fucking cry. Me and my dad aren't getting along and I think this is it for our relationship. Should I care, do I need to keep on tryining. But why should I? He's the one cheating, he's the one thats thinking the worst of me. I just gotta start somewhere right? I don't know where to start and with trying to get into this knew school I feel like I might not really have a change at figuring out what needs to be done. I might very well fail school and not get in. I fucking hate my life right now. Why can't I go through with all these stupid things.


M.S.W-I'm not sure today.

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