October 1st, 2012

New start

So I know I've had this title before but it's always good to start off fresh whenever I can. And not only is it do over Monday but it's also the beginning of a new month. I was in the hospital yesterday because I sprained my ankle. And right now I'm home all alone and I feel weird. I have an assignment that I should be working on. But instead I'm here posting an entry. I'm not sure how I feel about sone friends right now. I know I've been busy with school and I haven't been around as much. But it's not like it's because I have a boyfriend or the craziest social life. I just have school and my roommates. (moved out and switched schools) but lately my friends are ignoring my attempts to talk and even jeering and being quite frankly a bitch about certain things. And it makes me so mad. Why can't I be a bitch too and not feel bad about it. I feel alone right now and I kinda wish I had someone I was really close with and that actually listens to me. Everyone here seems involved with their phones and with jobs and guys or girls and about the next party or some fight or some drama that's a little awkward. I just wish that I didn't feel so left out and alone in a house full of people. Although my roommates are really nice. I wish I could be left alone and brought to a new place. No phones. No computers to communicate. Just me and something new.

M.S.W for life to be a little kindler


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